Community Trumps Content

I was first introduced to Jeff Utecht at the ECIS Tech conference in March 2013.  Since then I have kept track of him, through twitter.  I happened to revisit his website recently and saw this video on the bottom of the page.  After watching it I got to thinking about what he was saying.  Then I checked the date.

I was shocked to find that the keynote was given in Bangkok 3 years ago!  3 years, wow was all I could think.  How accurate he was then and how relevant he still is today.  After a bit more thinking (I’m not straining myself, promise!)  I considered the student body of the school I am teaching at now. Do I need to reconsider how I think about their understanding of technology and what they expect technology to deliver to them.

Then this past weekend I supervised a group of kids at a debate tournament.  While there I took the deck of cards from the table and began playing solitaire.  One of the kids asked me what game I was playing.  I said solitaire, to which she sort of went “humm”.

I said “What, have you never seen solitaire?”

She responded, “Yes, but not like that.”

That made me pause and then I realised that she had never seen anyone play solitaire with actual cards and that made me think back to this video.

It is time for teachers to start changing their understanding of the world that kids are growing up in and consider the possibilities for the future.

I am still thinking about all of this and still trying to wrap my head around it so that I can help the teachers in my lower school understand it.

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