The Cloud Explained

I hear people all the time refer to the cloud like it is a mythical creature.  In simple terms it is a hard drive somewhere on the internet that you access through a web browser.  Some where in the world, probably in an old Cold War bunker, is a computer where your files are being stored.  You use a website to create a link between your computer and that hard drive so you can access it. The term “cloud” is another way to say the “internet”.

“The Cloud” is a wireless network across the UK. “iCloud” is Apple’s cloud service, but it doesn’t matter what you call it, they are all using the internet to store files.

Why would you want this?  Well, it means that your files are able to be accessed anywhere anytime as long as you have a internet connection.
As an international teacher this first appealed to me because it meant that I wouldn’t need to constantly be carrying a portable hard drive everywhere.  Then I realized that it was even simpler.  I didn’t need to take my work computer home or carry a USB stick anymore, because I would be able to access my files both at home and at work.
The cloud can be a great thing.  And since the cloud’s drives are more consistently backed up than most people’s home computers, they are more reliable.  At the moment space is limited on the cloud, unless you pay for extra, but as the cloud continues to grow, more space will come for free. 
My favorite cloud services.–  You get 2GB for free but if you refer people you can “earn” up to 18GB– This is the storage side of Google Docs where you get 15GB for free to store your created Google docs and other documents that you upload.
Both require accounts and a bit of set up.  

One thought on “The Cloud Explained

  1. Network diagrams usually represent the Internet with a cloud image. At some point in the last few years (I'm looking at you, Apple) the cloud became “The Cloud.” It's still the same internet, it just seems fluffier.


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