Google Docs- The Basics

I get told all the time, “I can’t learn something new right now” when I suggest Google docs to people.  Then I spend 5 minutes with them showing them the basics and they are surprised by how easy it really is. And how quickly they “learn” it.

Once you learn how to log in, create a new document and share a document then you pretty much know it.  It is very similar to Word and Google have obviously made an effort to keep the buttons and terminology as similar as possible. 
The reason I find it so useful to use is because I can access it anywhere.  If I get into a teacher’s classroom with my iPad and there is some reason that I can’t connect it to the board, I can log into the teachers computer and get my presentation.  Also it means that I can work on my document anywhere anytime.  This makes it easy because I no longer keep things on my school computer and my home computer.  I keep them in Google whenever possible.
But the real advantage is that multiple people can be editing the document at one time from anywhere.  In a school where collaborative planning is a focal point, this is wonderful.  It means that instead of one person typing and one or two people watching, all three can be tying. Or they can be in different locations and adding to the same document. They could add to their school planning documents from home not just while they are at school. All of this has cut the amount of time it takes teachers to fill in their planning documents as well as make better use of their time.

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