Google Presentations- The Basics

Google Presentations are a great way to create a slide show presentation to present information.  I use them as part of my teaching in the IT lab and the classrooms.  If you need to have images, text or video to show students during a lesson this is a great way to keep it in one place.

Start by opening your Google Drive.  Then click ‘Create” and choose Presentation.  You will open into the default screen where you can name your presentation and choose a template.  At the moment Google’s templates are very limited.  Once you have chosen a template, which you can change later, it will open into the editing screen.   If you have ever used PowerPoint or Keynote thing the switch to Google should be easy.  Many of the features are the same.

One thing that you can’t do in Presentation is use the formatting paint brush to copy formatting.  Otherwise it is very easy to use as it is similar to the other programs.

Another nice feature of Google Presentations is that you can display them from and iPad through a computer or projector.  I have found this handy when I am in another teachers classroom.  Instead of taking my laptop with me I simply take my iPad and project from it.

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