Popplet is a great app for brainstorming.  It works in a similar way to drawing a web.  You can add text, drawings and pictures to your web.  The app makes adding elements to your popplet very simple.

You can change the background color, the color of the popples, the text size and alignment, and the size of the popples.  You can create free flowing popples as well as connected ones.  You are able to zoom out and in this makes working on your popplet easier.

Below you will find some ideas for ways to use Popplet in the classroom:

Story Planning: Use popplet to plan out a story starting with the title in the first popple.  Then you could create links to popples containing each element of the story; setting, characters, problem, etc.  Then the next layer would have the details for each of those elements.  Thank you Megan G5 for this idea.

You could use it to develop vocabulary.  Put a part of speech in the middle popplet then create popples to attach to it.
Example: Start with Nouns, next layer is a collection of nouns, the next layer out are adjectives that describe the nouns.

Example: First popple “verbs”, the next layer are verbs like walk, talk, said, run, ect.  The next layer are verbs that could be used instead of these words like, sauntered, galloped, screamed, etc.

First popple says “shapes”, the next layer is the basic regular shapes, the next layer out contains irregular or 3D versions of shapes.

For Older Kids:
First popple is your research topic, the next layer is made up of each source, the next layer contains the facts, pictures, drawings and citations for that source.
For Younger Kids:
The first popple is the topic, the next layer contains pictures of the sources (covers of books or screen shots of websites).  The last layer is made up of pictures of the pictures and text that contain the facts that they have found in their research.

The first popple is the story/skit title, the next layer contains story elements including costumes and set, the last layer contains the script for each character and the stage movements.

Music/Art Research: 
The first popple is an instrument or artist, the next level contains things like where it is from, what genre it belongs in, then the next layer would have the next level of information about the 2nd level.

This is another example of an app that can be used in any genre and with any grade level.

Photo Credit: http://www.companionlink.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/PoppletIcon-150×150.jpg

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