Google Shortner

I discovered Google Shortener a few years ago and I fell in love.

 If you have ever tried to give a group of students a web address to copy then you will love this too!  Google shortener allows you to take a web address and make it shorter.  All google shortened addresses begin with then end in 5 or 6 characters.  You don’t need to have the “www.” or the “http://” in front of it.  Just click in the address bar and start with the  You can imagine how much easier that is for kids to copy.

The biggest trick is to teach the kids that they have to use case sensitivity.  They must make capital letters, capital and lower case letters, lower case.  Some kids get that straight away and others, well they struggle.  Once they get it sorted though it helps them with other types of addresses too.  I have used this with children as young as grade one and they have been able to successfully link to a website by typing in a google shortened address.  
I have also found that this is a good resource when emailing addresses to people or putting web addresses in newsletters.  It saves loads of space and leads to less mistakes when people copy the address.

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