I recently read an article about multitasking. It made the point that basically no one does it well and that multitasking wasn’t productive.  It even had an image of a brain and what is happening in that brain when a person is trying to multitask.  I would love to see an image of a teacher’s brain while they are in school for the day!

One of the points the author made is that now that she knows about this she has trained herself to single task.  It is obvious that she works on a computer at a desk for most of her job.  Unlike teachers who are in front of 20+ students delivering a lesson, making sure that the students at least look engaged, keeping in her/his mind that child who’s English isn’t as high as everyone else’s, keeping a closer eye on the one most prone to being off task, all while watching the clock to make sure that there is enough to complete to follow up activity.  Then not loosing the plot when she/he asks are there any questions and a student who normally doesn’t raise their hand very eagerly raises theirs and asks “Can I go to the bathroom?”

I think that teachers rock multitasking in ways that would make most people who work in an office go insane.  We have to work with small groups while at the same time monitor the rest of the room to make sure Susie isn’t hitting Joey over the head with the pillow in the reading area.  Or that Jane has returned from the bathroom and has gotten back on task.

I do wonder if anyone has ever done any research on this!  Hmmmmmm

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