Don’t forget the Basics

I went to an event sponsored by Apple this Friday.  The even was part sharing and part training.  The trainer Sue Rankin an Apple Professional Development Authorised Trainer, reminded us that sometimes the pre-loaded apps are all we need to create fun and interactive lessons. Sometimes we get caught up in finding the perfect app that we overlook what the basic ones can do for us.

The Clock:
Just think about all of the things besides tell time that it does.  It tells the weather, shows timezones, shows day and night, has a stop watch, has an alarm clock, and timer.  That right there covers several math standards!

I have found that reflecting the timer is a great way to keep kids and teachers honest when we say “5 minutes” left.

One of the group suggested that you use the lap timer function on the stop watch to create data for a line graph.

You could use the world clock to look at the affects of timezones on business in the world.

Students could create albums that show 2D shapes, 3D shapes. step by step instructions in pictures, create an album of the numbers one album for each number that includes pictures of the actual number an ways to make the number.

Create one of those post it not flip books.  You know the one where the little guy runs across the page as you flip the pages.  You could do that in a series of still shots, put them all in an album then the can scroll quickly through them

Beyond just the use of a map for map purposes. Having students manually measure the distances between places by putting points on the map.

Look at an area from the birds eye view and see how many shapes you can see.  How do the shapes you see in the city differ from the shapes that you see in the countryside? Take a screen shot and measure the angles in a section of map.

Look at the Satellite map. Can you tell what time of the year the image was taken?  What clues tell you what season it might be?

Track rivers, see where the begin, end, how they connect.  Find unique geographical features, try to figure out why they are where they are.

All of these got me thinking about how we sometimes get wrapped up in the flash and forget the simple things.

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