During the Apple event I attended on Friday, November 8th, I realized something.  I realized that and iPad can give us as teachers the freedom to allow students to choose their final assessment product.  Freedom to find information in new ways.  Freedom to collect information in new ways and freedom to express themselves in ways we haven’t even dreamt of.

Adding the iPad to the mix of options allows students to individualize on their terms.  Once they know how a few apps work and understand what apps work for them, I think that we will see a section of students blossom in a way that we haven’t in the past.  The iPad gives them a chance to do the same type of activity in many different ways.

For example say a teacher is asking for them to make a web to show their brainstorming.  Even if the teacher tells the students that the must use Popplet, they still have some freedom.  They can choose their background color.  They can choose their popple colors.  They can choose to show their brain storm as a series of pictures, text, drawings, or a combination of those three.

If a teacher gives students a task to create a book in Book Creator, then the student has even more choices with the options of video, audio and weblinks.

I think that the only thing we as teachers have to do is pull back, instead of saying giving students a list of instructions on what each page of a book should look like, they should say.  “I want a book that contains these elements, how you show them is up to you.”

Even better I want something that shows your understanding of this activity/learning.  You may choose the way you show me.  You do not have to use your iPad but you may.  If you choose to use your iPad you may use any app.  If you choose not to use your iPad you may use anything.

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