Kids these days

I recently read an article about why mom’s should be “mean”. How and why to be the meanest mom in the world.  Reading it made me think about what I have been saying for years that kids need to hear the word “no”.  Of course, not all the time.  I have had many a student in my classroom that don’t really know what no means. To them they think no means ask it another way, or go ask another teacher.  Very few accept no as a final answer.  Yes, kids should question things in life and yes they should have opinions,  but sometimes a no is a no.

When I have watched those “supernanny” shows in the past these points are the ones that the nanny’s always force the families to do and stick to.  It is amazing how they work!

My mother did everything on that list and I turned out to be an independent (possibly too independent), confident, happy adult.  I have a stable full time job in a country other than the one I grew up in.  I am able to make life decisions for myself or ask for help.

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