The Pause

I read a post today by Jeff Utecht titled “Taking Advantage of the Pause”.  In it Jeff talks about that we are currently in a “pause” between the development of new technology.  That there are improvements being made to the newest technology but that “new” things are not being created at the moment.  He suggests that this time in the Pause allows us to develop deeper understandings of how to use the existing technology for teaching and learning.

I have to say that I am happy that we are in a pause.  I think that the teachers at my school would kill me if I said, you know how we just got the iPads all rolled out and working, well guess what we have a new piece of tech coming for the classroom!  I think I would have to take a couple of personal days to survive that!

Teachers and students need a bit of time to explore and learn with the technologies that we have.  One of the things that I have had to manage is teachers wanting me to fill their iPads up with apps.  They haven’t had enough time to use and explore the possibilities within the apps that they have.  Adding more is just going to create problems.  I have also found that a good 25% of all of the apps that I like the look of at first, don’t last long on my iPad.  Because of this I am trying to steer my teachers towards ways to use the apps that they have, to do different types of things.  This gives them a good grasp of many ways to use one app and at the same time helps them understand the things that they need and want from an app.

I am very thankful to the people I have met in the last two years that have helped me to understand this idea so that when I started rolling out iPads to teachers I knew where the end goal was.  I think if I hadn’t had that insight we would have loads of unused apps on iPads in our school!

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