Living Abroad

I thought that this article about living abroad kept it short and sweet!  10 Things About Living Abroad

I first moved abroad I left by myself to go and live on a small island in Italy called La Maddalena.  I had been to Australia for 5 months backpacking but not living and working in one place.  I arrived late in the evening and was picked up by one of my fellow teachers.  I was so tired when I got in that I hadn’t even noticed that they had made me a “survivor” basket for me.  They had made it up with all of the things that the survivor castaways had been given that season.  I still have the note that they made out of burned brown paper sacks!  Moving to a small island and living in a small town that was so similar to where I came from, minus the fact that just about everyone spoke Italian, made my move easier to process I think.

My next move was after a three year stint at home.  I got a job in Bangkok Thailand.  My parents took me to the airport with my cat, my laptop bag, and 2 suitcases.  I had mailed 2 small boxes also but that was it.  I waved goodbye and yelled “see ya in 2 years” and off I went!  I had a great friend meet me in LA and bring me a carrier for my cat (adding pets to an international move is a whole other adventure!).  After two years in Thailand I managed to move to my next location with five 25 kg FedEx boxes, and 2 suitcases.  Oh wait and the $1000 worth of FedEx shipping at employee prices which was way less then $1000!  Sometimes it is good to live in Memphis!

The next move required a car but not much more space. My parents helped me drive from Italy to England.  We stopped at Spa in Belgium so that my dad could see Eau Rouge.  Then when we got to the border to England and the passport inspector said “Can the lady in the back lean forward so I can see her!” we laughed forever. Mom said that the east side of Europe was lovely, she isn’t sure about the west side though!

In two and a half more years my next move will happen.  This move might actually come with some shipping allowance but I am torn over actually using it or just sticking to my suitcases and the adventure that comes with realising that you only have 3 pairs of pants and 5 shirts, cuz you just had to have those picture books you always read!

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