Ideas for the Classroom

Some ideas for using iPads/iPods in the classroom.

Guided Reading/Small Language Group Ideas

You could use the Voice Memo or Garage Band app on the iPods/iPads to have students record themselves reading. If you have a specific passage, they could do this several times a year and evaluate their improvement. Otherwise you could just do this with any passage. They can record their reading and then listen to themselves. This gives them a chance to hear what they sound like. First News is a great resource for this as the articles are generally short and easy for kids to read.

Use your iPod/iPad as a listening station. With the iPads you will have the “Follett Enlight” app which will connect you to the ebooks from the library. There are headphone splitters in the IT lab that can be checked out and will allow you to have up to 5 kids listening to 1 item.


Use the Voice Memo/Garage Band app to allow students to read their own writing aloud. They can listen to their writing and evaluate, or share with other students. This is great for students who struggle with the physical aspect of writing.

You can also turn on the “speak text” option in the accessibility tools. Then they can “select” sections of their writing and have the iPad read it. If it is missing punctuation or has spelling errors these will show up when the iPad is “reading”.

Dragon Dictate can be used to dictate words to text for students who struggle with the act of writing. This will give them a way to create stories that end up as text without a third person typing for them.


Use the Weather app to track the weather in several locations. You can compare Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can look at different temperatures from around the world and make comparisons

You could use the clock app to look at time zones around the world. Tell time, look at where it is currently day and night, set an alarm, or use a stopwatch.

Geoboard by The Math Learning Centre is a great app to have. Many teachers don’t use geoboards in class because they never have enough boards, rubber bands, or just don’t want to deal with flying rubber bands in the room! No more. This app allows the students to manipulate the rubber bands without risk of them flying.


Duolingo is a free language app. It only has the common languages right now, but is being developed. It works very similarly to the way that Rosetta Stone works, with the use of pictures, speaking and listening.

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