In the next few weeks I will be beginning an after school a club.  My I aim is to have a group of students who can learn a bit extra about some programs, apps, and equipment.  I want to be able to develop a culture where teachers can feel comfortable asking students for help.  At the same time have a group of well trained students, ready to answer emergencies when needed.

While we will be looking at improving our understanding of some specific apps and programs.  I want to expose them to some basic coding.  I liked how Will.I.Am put it in the video that it is 2013 and we depend on technology, but none of us know how to read and write in code.  
While there are many different coding languages knowing one, like with spoken languages, makes it easier to learn others. Coding also helps students understand how they can take something back to the most basic instruction, in order to code effectively you must have a detailed plan in mind.  Which means that they will need to think their idea through from beginning to end, including all of the specific details in the middle. This is exactly what we ask them to do when they are writing.
We all know that boys find the language side of education “harder” coding could be an alternative way to get them interested and learning about the writing process. It will also give those student’s who already plan effectively another avenue to use these skills.
I have been trying to think of a good way to use coding in the class room and while writing this post I have given myself an idea.  Not only does using coding as a writing activity bring coding into the classroom, but is an effective way to integrate technology into the language curriculum. For the younger students it can be as simple as introducing them to the instructional writing genre.  For the older students the whole writing process can be worked into a coding lesson from plan-to-draft-to-write-to-edit-to-publish.

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