Videoing/Camera lesson

I have been doing a videoing/picture lesson with the lower school students for the last two years.  Last year I used iPods this year I have a set of cameras.  I have had good success with this lesson in all grade levels (PK-5).  The kids enjoy it and seem to remember what to do when filming or taking pictures.  They are also better able to look at video and tell what is good and what needs to be improved.

I start by asking the students what things they need to remember when they use a camera or video camera.  They usually come up with 3-5 things.  Then I tell them that we will be using the camera to take a couple of pictures or a video.  I show them the basic basics of how to use the camera, then I send them off with a partner.  If they are taking pictures I tell them how many I want them to take.  If videoing we decide on 2-3 sentences to say.  Then the students go off and do their videoing.

After they have had enough time to get this finished, we stop and I show a few pictures/videos.  We talk about what was good and how they could make them better.  Then we add to the list that we started at the beginning.  The students favourite one is when I say “No Finger Monsters!” They love that one and they remember it!

Our list usually looks like this:
Be still (unless your videoing then move slowly)
No Finger Monsters
Don’t Wiggle the camera
Speak clearly
Look at the camera
Keep the person’s head in the middle of the screen
Keep the strap around your wrist
Use two hands

After we have analyse the images, then we try again.  Usually the kids are good about saying “Ms. Hart I need to record again, we had a finger monster!” They begin to look critically at what they are doing and think about ways to make their images better.  Which means when they are taking images on their iPads for use in apps they are thinking about the image critically and are actively trying to make good images.

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