Google in Reality

I recently shared google drive with our 4th and 5th grade classrooms.
I was not surprised by the speed at which they understood the basics of how the google drive works and how they can use it to make things easier for themselves. I have found that once I have a chance to show someone how google works they are always amazed at how fast they pick it up.  I have to say that much of that is due to the fact that Google has made an effort to make their icons universal to other word processors.  Why reinvent the wheel when it works well already!

The students were able to grasp the concept of the importance of knowing where everyone is on a document when I let 17 of the them loose on the same document with only the instruction of “type this …”  It was fun to sit back, watch and listen to the chaos that ensued!  But in the chaos they quickly realised what I could have told them, but they might not have taken in.  “Make sure you know where the other people are on the document and watch what you are doing.”  Much of their issues comes from the fact that many of them still type with their eyes pointed at their hands so they don’t see what is happening on the screen until they finish typing.

In a similar way I let them loose on a presentation with the instruction to add a slide with some specific things on it.  I also said that they could change anything but the theme.  Most listened a couple didn’t, but the chaos wasn’t nearly as crazy.  They were a bit more cautious after having the first exposure to the document.

They quickly began to see how the google drive options are going to help them in their exhibition in the spring to work together in a collaborative way.

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