Thinking Outside the Box

This last week I have been showing our grade 5 students Notability.  I decided to do this after finding out that it is the number 1 app in the middle and upper school.  I had planned my lessons as “just an introduction” to the app.  Just the basics nothing too in-depth.

Today we had our 30 minute teacher training sessions and the focus was on Notability.  While doing those sessions I learned a few more things about how to more effectively use the magnifying glass feature when writing within the app.

In the afternoon I had a class with one of the grade 5s I thought I was going to show them the app.  That was until one of the kids goes “Hey, didn’t we already do this!”  So I turned it into an “Oh, well let me show you more!” kind of lesson.  While I was showing them some of the more detailed features I walked around and was looking at what they were practicing.  Then I stumbled upon a student who had used the app in a way I hadn’t even considered.  The picture in this post is the result.  This student decided to use Notability as a drawing app, not a note taking app and look at the amazing results.

It always amazes me at the ideas that students who think outside the box come up with.  Sometimes when we let them create and discover on their own they show us possibilities that we would have never come up with.  I am always leery when I ask open-ended questions that I really want a specific response to, until I hear some of the wonderful thoughts and ideas that students come up with.  Even with my experience I realize that, I am sometimes to prescriptive and that I need to give students a chance to be creative. 

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