TeachMeet BETT 2014

On the Friday night of the BETT expo I participated in my first ever TeachMeet.  I think I am hooked, what a great way to get loads of ideas in one quick period of time.  There were 650 teachers registered and it is the largest TeachMeet in the world.  But I can see the potential in going to smaller ones.  Even having ones within a school.

A friend in Saudi Arabia did basically this kind of thing at his school just with longer sessions, but all run by teachers at the school.  Using the idea that teachers were sharing something that they were already using and doing in the classroom.

I liked the idea of teachers sharing what they are doing without it being a big, overly organized event.  While some of the teachers at the TeachMeet were big names that had been around the block, a few were first time presenters who just wanted to share an app, an idea or a tool that they have found helpful.

Another thing that was done at this TeachMeet was a presenter bingo.  Instead of a raffle you could buy a bingo card for a £1 and then if you got bingo you won a prize.  These were donated by presenters at the BETT conference.  That would be another great idea to just do small prizes.

I already have a session planned with my staff where I was planning a similar type of ting based around the iPads and apps.  This has made me think that I should consider opening the session up to other IT related presentations.

This is the link to the TeachMeet website if anyone would like to see how it is organized.

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