A bit of Trust, Please

While reading the article on screen time, I was left with the impression that the author feels that iPads will be implemented in schools, in the same way they are used at home.  goo.gl/zYahsO  Frankly, it is disturbing to think there are parents who feel we are not professional enough to see the difference. 
While we have a some mathematical practice, language practice and other similar games, the majority of apps are creation apps.  These apps allow students to create various projects in different ways to show their understanding and learning styles. This is what makes the iPad an awesome tool which needs to be embraced in our children’s education. 
Students who use the iPads as a learning tool, show initiative and an authentic approach to their learning; the student who takes pictures of her math book, then changes the negativity of the image so that she can see it better or the student who uses google translate to help them understand and participate in the class log. A greater understanding demonstrated through the use of the iPad is evident.
We give our students a balanced approached to the using the iPad with academic and non-academic games to play. But the underlying message is, all were chosen because they serve a purpose. Parents need to be educated to this idea also. 
As teachers, we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy making sure we do it right.  Thought and effort into finding the most effective tool is given time and consideration. We would not be using the iPads with our students if the benefits are not evident.

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