Digital Safety

I was very lucky to be able to sit through a discussion lead by Jim Gamble on ways to educate students, teachers and staff on how to stay safe online by controlling and monitoring your digital footprint. Jim has set up a company (iNeqe) whose aim is to help organizations with digital safety.  I loved the way his company had designed their learning modules.  Each module comes with three ways to interact with the information, perfect in a world where individualised learning and devices are becoming the norm.

They have created a whole series of videos on how to stay safe.  All of the videos are 7 seconds long.  No more having to hear people say I don’t have time to watch that or participate in that.  Who doesn’t have 7 seconds? Safety Centre contains some these videos.  They also have quick reference cards that you can use to remember the steps in the videos.

I gained many ideas not just on digital safety but also on ways to deliver support and help to my staff and students.  I love the 7 second tip ideas.  Making a series of short videos that will allow them to feel that they can accomplish a task quickly and easily. The main complaint I hear with IT related issues is that they are too complicated.  If they can be broken down into small steps that people feel that they can accomplish, then their confidence in using technology will increase.

This is exactly what Jim Gamble is trying to do to simplify digital safety.  By making the steps simple and easy to accomplish he has helped his clients see that there is no excuse for not keeping your self safe using any technology.  

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