Teacher PD

Tomorrow I am holding a teacher PD session for the lower school teachers.  I am going to structure it in a similar way to a TeachMeet.  So there will be 10 apps/programs introduced in two to seven minute presentations.  Then at the end there will be two mini breakout sessions where teachers can  learn more about one of the apps that has been introduced.

I originally had about 15 things to introduced but I have cut it back so that hopefully it won’t be too much all at once.  The focus is not an in-depth look at these apps/programs but more of a quick look.  Then if the teachers want to know more they can go to the break out sessions or come to see me later to have a more detailed session.

One part that I am very excited about is that at least 4 of my Geek Squad will be there.  The Geek Squad is an after school club that I am running for grades three through five.  We are looking at computers, ways to help teachers and students and programming.  The students in the club are having a great time spending an hour with me once a week while we talk about coding and computers and all things tech. When I asked if anyone could help out, several offered to skip their Wednesday activities to come to the meeting!

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