Student Helpers in Teacher PD Session

The PD went well today.  I was able to have four of my Geek Squad attend.  They videoed, took pictures, presented and helped teachers.  They were a great hit and were amazingly good sports!

We started with the boys showing the teachers how to back up their iPads to the iClouds. They were also a great help showing the teachers how to reflect their iPads.  We then moved to Sue McCluskey showing the teachers how she uses the app Pocket to store articles and websites that she finds on Twitter to read later.  We then moved on to show how web links could be created and distributed to teachers and students through the iPads. The next app was the Cloud Spotter app.  Jude Vaughan shared her love of clouds with the teachers to show them how we can use our iPads for very personal reasons instead of always school, school, school!

Then Louise Day stood up and showed how she uses Class Dojo in her class to track the healthy snacks that her students bring for their morning snack.  I then talked about how I use Twitter as my personal learning network.  I gave them a very brief overview and showed them how I use pocket when I am in twitter to save articles.  I also shared with them a few of the people that I follow on twitter.  (@caryghart, @Facespics, @mumbaimaggie, @acsintschools,  @SuzanneMcClusk1,  @sherrattsam, @whatedsaid)

We then moved to Lauren Dean sharing how the grade five students apply for apps that they would like all of grade 5 to have. Then back to Jude Vaughan to show Apps Gone Free. This is a great app that occasionally has some very useful education apps.

After all of this we had 15 minutes for teachers to explore one of these in more detail.  This gave the teachers a chance to really look at one of these in more depth and detail. It also gave the Geek Squad boys a chance to help individual teachers get logged into Drive and solve other issues with their iPads. Out of these break out sessions we managed to get at least one self proclaimed “technophobe” on Twitter!  Go Jenny!

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