iPads and Engagement

I am working with grade one this week and next in language, to show how the iPads can be used during this time.  I discussed with the teacher the activities that they had planned.  I then developed several books in Book Creator books for the kids to download onto their iPad to work in.  I kept the activity outcomes the same, I just changed the way that they were doing them.

I worked in a class today with two students who are EAL learners working at a lower level than the class in English.  The teacher had asked me to develop an activity to help them understand adjectives a bit better using their reading book.  The activity that I designed for them was a simple one.  Take 10 pictures of images in the book then write three adjectives to describe items in each picture.  No nouns, no sentences, just the adjectives.

One of the students that I had is a student who struggles quite heavily with focusing in class.  The other is very low level English at this point.  It took the first student one picture and one word to understand the task.  The second needed a bit more scaffolding to understand what an adjective was.  Once they were both working I let them move back to their seats to work independently with me nearby but not standing over them.  The first child asked one or two more questions but then happily worked independently, he even asked if he could put four words on his page instead of three.  The second child was struggling to spell the words that she wanted to use.  After I helped her by confirming that the student was picking the correct letter to match the sound, the student gained the confidence to work more independently.

As far as engagement with the activity, both students were the last to put their work away.  Both asked when they could finish the activity and neither at any point during the activity lost focus or were off task.  I will be doing more activities this week and next and I am excited to see how they go and how the students engage with them. 

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