Visit to Dar

On Tuesday, I was able to visit the International School of Tanganyika.  I was a guest of my friend who teaches in the fourth grade.  I was glad to see that she has a set of 6 laptops in her room full time. She had been ill the week before so I offered to show her kids Timetoast, as she is doing a unit of inquiry on Ancient Civilizations.

So we borrowed some laptops from a neighbouring teacher and I quickly showed her students the website.  They were excited to give it a go.  They looked for dates in books that they had related for their unit and worked on putting them into their timeline.

And of course as always with tech, issues started immediately!  Even though I have had at least 16 signed into one account before it started saying too many people were on.  No worries, sorted that by using my school’s log in.  We also ran into the issue that the students were finding lots of BC dates which Timetoast doesn’t accept.  When we explained that they would just have a to read their timelines backwards, they were like “Okay!”.  The students just rolled with the punches!

One thing that I did notice this time was that Timetoast has added a collaboration feature which I am excited to give a shot when I get home!

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