Discover Egham’s iPads

On June 5th we held a parent event at our school, called Discover Egham’s iPads.  The aim was to show parents what has been done with iPads in the lower, middle and upper school.  We arranged the space so that there was a “lower school” area that had mats, a couch, cubes and other soft play furniture. This was to simulate a more natural environment for the lower school kids.  The middle and high school students had tables and chairs as well as a few monitors to reflect on.

The parents were greeted by one of the lower school students who asked them if they would like to learn about an app.  They were then taken, given an iPad and then shown how to make something in the app that they had chosen.  Many but not all of the lower school students who attended were a part of my geek squad.  The others were students as young as grade 2 who had shown that they were comfortable using the apps that we were showing.

The parents were shown Puppet Pals, Explain Everything, Book Creator, Drive, Edmodo or Notability.  Most of these were also shown again in the middle/high school area.  As you can see from the picture the parents weren’t just shown the app but were asked to use the app while they were being shown it.  On average I would say that parents spent between 7-15 minutes with each student showing them apps.

Many parents could be seen writing down apps to load onto their personal iPads.  Many could be heard going “I never knew about this app, I am going to go home and load it so that I can use it!” They were as excited as kids get when they are shown a new app!

One of the apps that was shown were the apps for the Sphero ball.  It was a hit.  The kids ran the batteries out!  A few of the parents were very excited about it as well. 

All in all it was a great event and well worth doing again.  One of the parents wrote a very supportive email to the director suggesting that this type of event be done earlier next year.  I was thinking that it could be a regular monthly workshop type event for parents.  I am getting ideas for what to do with my geek squad group next year!

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