Contacting Developers

While giving a lesson using Timetoast to a friend’s class, I found several issues that I want to email the developers to see if they can look into having my suggestions added as features. Such as adding the option to have AD and BC times.

I have had a bit of success in the past with, this as far back as 2000. Emailing the publisher of a book to let them know that there were several errors.  I have found that with most companies they have been extremely responsive.  A student once noticed a graph on a US government website on energy was wrong.  He dictated an email to me which I sent on his behalf.  The next day when we checked they graph had been corrected and I received an email thanking my student for letting them know about it.
I have also had students ask me questions about how to do something with in the app Book Creator.  I couldn’t find anything online that explained it, so we emailed the developer.  Again, she dictated the email to me. The developer emailed us back within 24 hours explaining to her how to make links from the table of contents to pages so that you could “jump” through the book.  She was so excited that he responded to her email.
One thing that I know is that I need to contact developers more.  When I have a suggestion or when the students suggest things that they would like.  This is something that the developers need to know in order to keep improving the apps they are creating in the most effective way. I also know that many developers use these suggestions as their main focus when adding to their apps. With Twitter and Facebook being so widely used now it is easier than ever to contact developers and give them advice.

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