Google Drive

I reintroduced a group of fifth graders to some of the elements of Google Drive this week and it reminded me of how effective it is.  As a resource in a school it is an amazing environment for the kids to be in.  The students are reviewing who to create documents and spreadsheets.  They are remembering how to share the document and how to manage 15 people in a shared document. 

I also introduced it to a new year of third graders who had used Drive to back up work from iPads but had never had their own accounts.  They took there first shot at creating a document and sharing it this week.

While the kids are excited to be using Drive again, some of the teachers are already thinking of ways to use it in their classrooms. Many using it within special subject lessons to document learning and create resources. Both the students and the teachers are excited to get back into the swing of having this piece of technology at their fingertips.

I live in the boarding house at our school and am going to do an information session for students in the house on what Drive is and how they can use it to work more efficiently.  Many of your boarders are IB Diploma students so they will be writing their extended essays soon.  Imagine how easy they will be able to make it with their mentors if they create and share a google document.  And now with the “edit” mode, Google has made it even easier for edit to be seen when it takes place.  I am excited to use this in the lower grades with the younger kids as well.

I also plan on showing Drive in more detail to all of the teachers tomorrow during an IT focused staff meeting.  I hope to show the teachers how useful and easy it is.  Also to allow teachers to see how it can be used within their grade for sharing information, images, etc. with students.  A few of the teachers from last year have started using Drive more and more for personal documentation and documentation within their grade level.  This I hope will transfer into more confidence and more experts in the lower school.

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