Parents and Internet Safety

Last week we had our yearly Grade 4 & 5 parent internet safety presentation.  During this presentation we talk to the parents about the ways to help their children stay safe while on the internet.  Our main message is TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN about what they are doing online.  We try to get it across to the parents that there is no way to filter out everything that could lead to a safety issue.

As parents, you need to ask your children about the sites that they like to go on.

  • Find out if they know where the security settings are.  
  • Find out if they know how to report a problem.  
  • Find out how they interact with people on the sites they visit.  
  • Let them know that they can come talk to you if they run into issues.
  • Get them to show you how the site works (even if you have to fake being interested!)
  • Show them how you set up your own safety settings. Try this site: Safety Center
  • If you and your child don’t know how to set it up, then look for the answer together (don’t be shy).
  • Use sites like to help you find out about websites, games, movies, and apps.
  • Pay attention to announcements in the news about games, apps, security breaches.
  • Get them to show you how they work with the internet at school.
  • Explore the Think You Know website with and without your child.
  • Share the “scary” stuff when appropriate.  How can they know that things are unsafe if they aren’t told.
  • Talk to your children about what they like to do online.

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