Thinking Back

I was contacted today by someone who is looking at accepting a job to help a school to bring in an iPad integration program.  She has been told that she has £20,000 to bring it into a school.  They want her to plan it, establish the iPad program, set up the policies, train teachers tech support and teach 14 one hour classes a week!  She has been asking me questions about how we are using the iPads in our school.  This got me thinking about how much work we have done over the last year.

I am amazed at how far teachers and students have come.  In a year and a half we have gone from no iPads to fully integrated in the lower school. In that time teachers and students have learned how to use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides.  They have learned how to manage their iPads; making sure they are backed up, updated, and connected as needed.  They have learned how to use Book Creator, Puppet Pals, Explain Everything, and many more.  They have begun to treat the iPad as the tool that we were hoping that they would.

We have had a bit of a hiccup with getting iPads out this year.  They haven’t been put back in most classrooms.  This has been and issue, but one of the things about this delay that has made me happy is how many teachers are annoyed because they were planning their activities, lessons, inquiries and investigations around the iPads being available.  While I wasn’t happy that they were not able to use the iPads I was happy to see that the teachers had obviously taken the iPads into consideration when thinking about the work that they could do for their units.

I really hope that next year we won’t have these summer issues so that the teacher are able to try out the ideas that they had for their first unit.

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