Blogging- Part 1

This week we introduced Grade 5 to their new blog.  The teachers are eager to learn about blogging with the students and have decided to create a grade level blog.  So this week the students had the homework task of watching the BrainPOP video on blogging before their IT lesson.  Then we discussed what a blog is, why people blog and what things you need to remember when reading, writing and commenting on blogs.  

This was the first time that I have tried the “flipped classroom” technique of having the students watch a video in preparation of the lesson for the week.  I found that because they had done this, the kids were well informed when answering the questions about blogging.  This helped by giving me more time to discuss the expectations for our lesson on commenting, instead of explaining what a blog is.  

The lesson was to have the students learn how to comment on their class blog.  After a hiccup with permissions, I was able to get all of the students commenting on the blog post. The grade 5 teachers created a post with three questions in it and the students had to answer the questions in their post.  Overall they did a great job of sticking to the topic.  They also did a great job of double checking their post for errors before they posted it to the blog. 

Next week we will learn about what goes into writing a post.  They will then create a post on a topic related to school.  They will write it in Google Docs and share it with their teachers.  Then the teachers will choose from the posts submitted and begin posting them on the blog.  

I am very excited and interested to see how the grade 5 teams use this blog throughout the year.  

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