Blogging in a Classroom

After introducing blogging to the grade five classrooms, I have been emailing the teachers when I think of ways that the blog could be used in the classroom. Here are some of the ideas that I have had, I hope that this is a list that will be constantly updated!

  • A place for students to promote apps that they like
  • A place to share an accomplishment that happened outside of school
  • Explaining a math concept
  • A place to share a writing sample
  • A place to share work done in a reading group
  • A place to share a Battle of the Books achievement
  • A place to share a Music/Art/PE/ Drama/IT achievement
  • Reminders/Announcements (ex: field trip packing list)
  • iInquiry findings (mini inquiries that students do in a lesson)
  • Classroom updates for parents
  • A way to publish classroom newsletters
  • Single Subject teacher announcements 
  • Share a Map of an event (Google Maps) 
  • Place to post weekly homework
  • A place to share presentations that they have given to their class.

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