When is Enough, Enough?

I presented a short PD session to teachers last week. We started with me introducing them to iTunesU and them downloading my Book Creator book. I then gave a few updates about IT. I finished with showing them Post-It Plus.  This is a great app for capturing what has been put onto Post-It notes. 

I asked the teachers to respond to four questions. Here is a summary of their responses:
What have we done well this year?

  • Google Docs
  • Exploring new apps

What do we need to work on?

  • Getting more time to practice (isn’t this always the case?!)
  • Printing (more of a hardware issue, long story!)

What would you like to try?

  • More apps
  • Nothing new, need to get my mind around what we have

What are you worried about?

  • Time to practice
  • Using tech in class more
  • More apps = more things to learn 
  • Confidence with technology

I am at a cross roads with my integration as it is obvious that some teachers have reached their comfort level, moved pass it, but are close to falling off the edge of the cliff. While others are clearly ready for more.

This is happening within grade levels quite often with one teacher ready to move on and the other one or two are at their threshold and want to stay where they are until their confidence catches up.

While I want to challenge teachers I do understand that the ever changing nature of tech can be taxing.  They just want things to stay the same for a little while.

My dilemma is how much do I push?  How far do I go? To what extent do teachers in a grade level need to be doing the same thing?  As what point is it safe to challenge a teacher so that they stay on the edge but don’t go over?  

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