Coding with Legos

Through one of my many sources I found an article about how a teacher uses legos to code without a computer. Here is her idea. So, I decided to give it a try with my Coding club.  

I gave them all a lego base and 6 legos. Their directions were to create a starting position and draw that on a piece of paper.

The start position.

Then, think of and ending position where the legos were stacked in some way.

The end position.

Once they had those two things they were to then think of a code that a “robot” could follow to get the bricks moved. We brainstormed some basic language to use in our code. Then they got started.  

Their code.

Some of them decided that they wanted language that was not on our list so they created their own. They worked for 35 min before one group finished. During this time they were all engaged and having fun testing code and seeing if it worked. 

The group that finished first, did so because they created a very simple code sequence. They tested it with a “robot” ie, another student, while the other groups watched. I could see that some of the other groups were struggling with the fact that they weren’t finished, but I reminded them that the more complicated the “code” the longer it would take.

Hard at work on their code.

They continued to work for a bit longer and then one of the parents arrived a bit early. I asked him if he would like to be a robot and he said “Sure!”.  So, he came in and ran the code for the first group. When he ran the code, the group realized that there was a mistake and were quickly able to solve it.  

Mr. Conley being a robot!

I love this activity and I am so glad I found it as I plan on working it into the classrooms in some way!

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