iTunesU Reflections by Students

Grade five is just wrapping up using iTunesU as a way to learn how to make and iMovie.  They created their first movie on how to find the perimeter of a complex shape.  This movie was to learn the skills of how to use iMovie.  

The grade five teachers asked me to lead this lesson because they wanted the students to have movies as an option to use during Echibition.  They also were hoping to give the students another “tool” to use to show understandings that they had gained while inquiring. 

Grade Five Blog on iTunesU 
Movie Made with first iTunesU Course 

Since completing that course the students have now made 2 iMovies that contain most of the elements that any good movie would contain.  

I have decided to use the iTunesU course format again for Google Forms. So far the students have worked through the first part of the course and made their forms.  This week they will share their forms with their classmates and look at how responses come in from their forms.
Reflection on the Second iTunesU Course 

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