Geek Squad and Coding Club

Starting in January I will be holding two after school clubs. The first will be a continuation of my geek squad. Many of this year’s geeks are new and could do with another round of geek squad. My second club will be a coding club. I found that my more experienced geeks were getting a bit bored with the geek squad and were ready to move to something more challenging.  

I think that with both the geek squad and the coding club I am going to let the kids be a bit more independent. In the geek squad we were able to get a free ride back to Sunrise Care Home because the bus was so late, so we will be heading back to Sunrise to show the residents more technology. Then I would like to do a few more parent sessions with the geeks showing parents both what they know and helping the parent’s with their problems. The integrationist and I are working on anther “Discover Egham’s iPads” event and of course the geeks will help out with that. 

In coding club I am going to let the kids try coding in several ways. I am going to get a couple of the Lego Mindstorms back from the high school. I am also going to get them involved with Code Academy. This will allow them to work through coding problems on their own.  

I already have 16 geeks and 11 coders signed up so I am looking forward to seeing what comes from next year’s clubs.  I will also continue to think of ways to incorporate coding into our curriculum in an authentic way.  

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