Minimum Teacher Tech Requirements

While I was at the ECIS annual conference I started creating a list of what are the minimum requirements for teachers in our school for using the technology that they have. I know that this is somewhat specific to our school but I am interested in what other people think should be on the list.  I also think that some of the things on this list need to have a “source of reference” as in a guidebook for teachers or something along that line. There are many things on the list that do not happen regularly and a teacher may need something to “remind” them of the steps.  I would love to get some feedback on this. 

Minimum Requirements:
Laptop/Desktop Specific: 

  • search for applications on your computer
  • use Self Service on the your laptop
  • mirror displays
  • log into your laptop
  • save files to documents folder
  • back up computer to external hard drive

iPad Specific

  • log into iTunes
  • buy an app
  • install apps from Self-Service
  • reflect iPad to whiteboard
  • charge iPad
  • power off iPad
  • organize apps on screens
  • retrieve apps from purchased items in App Store

General IT 

  • take photos
  • retrieve photos from a camera
  • use external DVD player
  • print
  • save files to the Faculty Shared Drive or personal Documents folder
  • retrieve files from the Faculty Shared Drive or personal Documents folder
  • use interactive whiteboard to reflect what is on your computer screen
  • use Active Inspire as a written on whiteboard
  • create a flipchart
  • save a flipchart
  • access the Faculty Shared Drive
  • open an attachement in a received email
  • download an attachment in a received email
  • send an email
  • attach a document/image to an email
  • create a google/word document 
  • add content to a google/word document
  • book a calendar event on Outlook Web Access
  • put a job into the helpdesk


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