One of Those Weeks

It has been one of those weeks where too many deadlines come at you at once. I have been working on getting my Apple Distinguished Educator application in, which involved a two minute video.  I am also working on getting a proposal together for the IB Regional Conference.  Starting my Microsoft Office Specialist online course. Teaching and planning a normal week.  And last but not least finalizing my ECIS Tech Conference presentations!  

That being said I will have to say that Wednesday was a great day in the Coding Club! There were students working on many different projects for the hour. The first image is of two girls who are designing a quiz app.  Bina the upper school integrationist came to show them how to use the app designing program that she has been using with the middle and high school. 

Next we have a fifth grader who brought in his own laptop so that she could begin to work in Scratch.  He sat for the entire hour with our Computer Coding for Kids book, working his way through the Scratch section.

This is another fifth grader who spent some time playing around with Moovly.  She had seen me use them during class and wanted to learn how to make her own.

We have a fourth grader who brings in his Raspberry Pi so that all of the students can work on it if they want.  They spend a bit of time on it then go do something else then come back.  They were trying to figure out how to get Mindcraft working at one point. 

I had two boys who spend the entire time trying to get our Ollie to jump things.  This is a bit of one of their attempts to knock the bucket off of the water bottle.

While the Geek Squad and Coding Club do add to my work load, I am always happy and excited after I have had a session to see the kids have so much fun with technology.

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