A Way to Engage Students in the Directions

An idea came to me when I was thinking about how I would change the way I use technology if I were to go back into the classroom. I was trying to think of a good way to use technology to do the morning, put directions for morning work on the board, flipchart. 

I was thinking of using one of those apps that allows kids to join a slide show and interact with it while you teach, but that isn’t really what I wanted. So I think what I would do is create a google slideshow. It wouldn’t have to be the same slide show for each student even. Have the students save the link to the slide show on their iPad screen so that they have fast access to it. Then each day I would make the necessary changes. 

The base slides on the slide show could be your daily schedule and any announcements or calendar events. Then you could have directions for what the kids were to do for their morning work. 

This would allow students to flip through the directions at their own pace, as well as allowing the teacher some differentiation if needed. 

Here is an example of my idea.

I have also thought that you could do this with Guided Reading time to give the students who are not reading with you defined instructions that they don’t have to remember.

Here is an example of a guided reading time one.

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