ECIS Tech Conference 2015 – My First Time Presenting

After being encouraged at the ECIS Annual conference to apply to present at the Tech conference, I did and was accepted. This would be my first ever time presenting at a large conference. I have taught teachers in my school, but never in this type of environment. I have to say that the participants of the ECIS Tech Conference were great.

My first presentation was on my Geek Squad which is my after school techie club. I worked on getting myself ready for this by putting some images on a slide show, but really I planned on just talking about my Geeks and what we do. I made sure that my slides were simple and had very little words as I hate sitting through slide shows where I could have been emailed the presentation. The presentation went well and a few people asked questions, but I wasn’t really sure how it went when I was asked later by my colleagues.

Later that night at the social, though, two different people come up to me and asked me further questions and said how they were going to try some of my ideas. I have to say that, even if only two people who took something away that they could use, I am happy.  They had looks on their faces that made me think of the way that I am when I get ideas to take back with me. 

My second presentation was more hands on. I taught the group that came how to use Chatterpix Kids, Puppet Pals and Book Creator. I first gave them a brief overview of the apps, then I set them a task to complete with the app. My aim was that at the end of the session they would actually have used the app and know how to do the basics. I was able to achieve that within the time and have a bit of time at the end to show them how I have used the apps in classes as well as answer questions. This was a much more active session with teachers asking me questions along the way, which was more relaxing! I even managed applause at the end!

I even had a bit of a discussion with a guy at the end about how his wife could use Puppet Pals in Pre-Kinder. I told him that I had a group using it right now and that you just have to take it step by step and build on each step with them.  They get it and they can do it but they need time and practice. 

Just yesterday I received a tweet from a teacher telling me that she used Chatterpix in a class. Again if only one teacher takes something away that makes me happy. 

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