Parent’s Hour of Code

Yesterday my Coding Club hosted an event for parents. They decided at the beginning of the semester that they wanted to host a Parent’s Hour of Code. 

So before the parents arrived they set all of the computers in the lab up on and had them ready on the Hour of Code page. As the parents came in one of the Coders would grab them and get them started. We had an amazing turn out of parents, teachers, an IT Integrationist, IT technician and even a high schooler!

Here is what one of the coders, Ian, had to say:
“When you first hear about computer coding you think it’s an extremely complicated thing to learn. That is what Ms. Marrs and my dad thought at first. has made coding simple using blocks that you have to link together. Under those blocks is the computer code. After the Hour of Code both Ms. Marrs and my dad now know that it isn’t as complicated as they thought. I think the Hour of Code was extremely successful.”

Our first parent, who stayed the entire hour!

Teachers and parents learning.
Our first certificate of the event!
Another Certificate by one of our Lower School teachers!
On of our IT Technicians getting into the spirit.

Our Art Teacher who was told that  “you can make art” by one of the coders!

Her final design.
She did it!


We even got an adminstrator to come!
A 9th grader saw our posters and came to see what it was about.

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