Discussion with a Developer

On Friday, April 17th I was given the opportunity to talk to the developer of Sketch-a-Song. The teacher who teaches Music and Drama next to me, Jude, had showed me the app before our April break and it looked like a fun way to teach students how to compose music. 

She explored the app for the week before the break with her younger students, as young as three. Jude told me that she would like to have the app installed on their class iPads so that she could use more iPads in class with them. So we ordered it! 

Over the break she contacted the developers of the app. They contacted her back to ask if she would like to talk to them about how she is using the app in class. She mentioned me and my role and asked if I could join in the conversation. Jacob at Edify Technologies said, sure and that he would love to talk to both of us.

So we called him on Friday and chatted about what his company is currently working on. What we might like to see in an app and what things they have already added to their new app. Jacob was very interested in getting teachers on board with the development of their new app so that they could talk to people who might use it in education. He wanted to talk to music teachers about the way the music is displayed and made, but he also wanted to talk to people in my role to better understand the non music side of using apps in schools. 

To me it sounds like this company is working on developing something that will work in a similar way to Garage Band but be much simpler for students to use. Also it can be used from a very young age but grow with the students through the lower school. I think as well that the developers have done a very good job of making it so that it will lead kids into using Garage Band with more focus and purpose because they will have learned techniques in Music Quest first.

I have to say that talking with developers is one of the things that I do like about my job. I have had a chance to do it a couple of times and they have always be responsive and open to listening to ideas from the “folks on the ground”. This is a huge deal in an industry where we are getting a very top down approach in most areas from people who have no education background. 

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