Skyping with Game Developers

Today we had a special treat in Geek Squad. I found out last Wednesday that one of my student’s had two uncles who worked for Disney Infinity. She had failed to mention this for nearly 1/2 of the year! Anyway her mother asked them if they would be willing to Skype with us and talk about their jobs. 

This isn’t the first time that I have Skyped other Geeks, but it was definitely one that the kids were super interested in when they found out about it. One of the great things about the conversation is that neither Quinn or Troy are coders. Quinn works on developing the stories and videos to promote them and Troy is what they call a producer. He organizes all of the different elements and people in order to get new sections of the game created.

Both Quinn and Troy answered questions about what they did and how they got into their jobs. One of the reasons I love talking to people in technology rich industries, but who aren’t coders, is for my Geeks to see all of the different types of jobs that are available to them. I could literally see the wheels turning in one of my Geek’s head as Quinn and Troy were talking about the different jobs that are involved in developing this game. 

Since their niece is actually in my Coding Club which meets on Wednesdays we are going to call them again so that they can talk to the Coders. I look forward to hearing what they have to say to a new group of kids.

Bobby, who is in both clubs, said “The Skype was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to learn more during coding club.”

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