ePortfolios – Option 1 Book Creator

Our lower school is considering moving towards ePortfolios now that we have iPads. We have had several discussions but have not decided on one idea. In thinking about the resources that we currently have and what could be used as an ePortfolio tool, I thought that I would add my ideas here. 

Option 1- Book Creator

We already use this app heavily in the lower school. By grade three students are independent with using this app in class.

Postives for using Book Creator are:

  • video, audio, text, and drawings can be used
  • unlimited pages
  • backs up to Drive
  • printable
  • viewing and creating can occur on the iPad
  • students from grade three-five are independent
  • students in grades one and two need minimal teacher assistance
  • students in pre-kinder and kinder can become independent with many aspects by the end of the year
  • customizable
  • tempates can be created and used
  • private
  • one book per unit 
  • single subject and class teachers can have contributions

Negatives or Things to Consider:

  • not “live”
  • file size can become large and unwieldy 

Click here to see Option 2 – Blogger

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