Slams Series- Google Drawings

After attending the GEG UK Live event at the Google UK Headquarters, I thought about adding the idea of doing “Slams” to my Friday Notes. Friday Notes are the weekly newsletter that my principal emails out. I have a section on it. Each week I add a bit of information or updates that I think that the teachers need.

I have been considering doing Slams during my staff meetings, but what I have found in sessions like that is, that the teachers don’t want me to quickly show them, they want the details. So, Slams turn into training sessions. Since Slams should be about 2 min or less I though, if I made a slam video and shared it each Friday teachers could watch, decide if they are interested and then either come to me for more information or watch the additional video that I have made to give them a more detailed look.  

I am hoping this allows me to share some of the awesome ideas with teachers that I keep seeing online and at workshops, but also allow teachers to decide what is right for them at the time that they watch. A two minute quick look instead of something that seems like it would take much more of their time, since I know how little of that they have for “extras”.

Here is my first Slam on Google Drawings, thanks to Ben Rouse for giving me the idea in Zurich!

Slam Video
More Detailed Video 

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