Videoing with Scramblers

Today I went into the Scramblers classroom (3-4 year olds) and taught them a bit about recording videos on the iPads. Over a few weeks before the holidays I had taught them how to take photos with their iPads. Since then their teacher has been reinforcing this by having them take pictures of work within the classroom.  

Today when I arrived there were only 5 students in the class. I asked them if they remembered what I had taught them and they said “pictures”. Then I asked them if they would like to learn how to take moving pictures. They were all very interested. I asked them if they remembered how to take a good picture. 

They surprised me by being able to tell me that they should stay still, hold the iPad carefully and push the button. I was really impressed with their retention of the the skills that they had learned before the break. 

Once we talked about videoing I showed them how to shot a video using a student as an example. Then I sent them off in very small groups to video each other saying their name and their age. They did a great job of filming each other and a few teachers!

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