Learning2 – Day 2 Help Me Decipher it

This session was a student session run by a lovely student named Julia. Julia told us about her struggles with Dyslexia and the tools that she found to help her in her studies.

Take Away #1:

Julia shared a document that she created with us. This document has some very useful tools for all students not just those with dyslexia. I have already shared these resources with our SEN (Students with Educational Needs) team to help be start the conversation with them around how to better serve their students. I hope that this allows me to continue to build a relationship with them around how the tech we use in school can be best leveraged to help their students.

Take Away #2:

We need to have students teaching each other and teachers more about their passions, dreams, goals, challenges and successes. We need to have more collaborative learning by everyone. How awesome would it be for there to be a forum where students could run lectures, lessons and practicals for anyone and everyone in the school. Think about how powerful it could be for a student to teach a teacher about the latest tech tool and how the student can imagine it being used in the class environment. Or students teaching SEN teachers about which tools work best for them or teachers sharing their passions with students instead of just the standard curriculum.

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