Course 3: Final Project

When the course options for the final project came out I knew what I was going to do straight away. But then I noticed that it was not a GET option and so I was like, but hey a website is basically a multipage infographic and that can be made using a Google Tool so why can’t I do that? Which resulted in a quick email to Ryan and a change on COETAIL’s part to what could be done for the final project. YEA!

So off I went to finish building my website, which I commonly refer to as my “Get me a Job” website. Even though I am currently not job hunting, I have found that if I keep my site up to date it is easier in the long run. While I had the skeleton of my site build before course 3 started, but I have chosen review the basic website design using the skills that this course has covered. I have also decided to add an infographic to my arsenal when getting a job.

As we all know when you go international teacher job hunting it can generally involve a job fair. And that job fair involves having multiple copies of your resume ready to hand out to recruiters. I have always hated the idea of creating more paper that will end in the recycle bin when we all know that recruiters have access to our complete files through the job fair databases.

My website is one way to solve this but I was still thinking that there needed to be something that I could hand a recruiter. Then I decided that I will make an A5 sized card infographic like resume. This would be what I put into folders and hand out in the “pick me, pick me for an interview” part of the job fair. I think that this would serve several purposes. The first, as an eye catcher since not many people will do it (Unless lots of folks read and love this post!). The second, as an “Ah, thank you I hated having that stack of papers given to me by every teacher that I don’t need/want!” from the recruiters.

So how did the learning from this course impact my changes in my website design? Well, I am looking at it more critically, how many scrolls does it take to get to the end?

How can I use my white space better? How can I make the site interesting within the limits of the current Google Sites? How can I make my website visual? These are all of the questions that I asked myself before making any changes. What I did forget to do though is take before screenshots!

One of the ways that I tried to reduce the scrolling was on my experience page, once you get past my current job you will notice that the Teaching Responsibilities and Additional Responsibilities are side by side. That shortens the page and allows the viewer to see the job title at the same time as reading most of the responsibilities.

For my infographic, I decided to use Canva, because I knew that I would not be able to create my own clean graphic design in something like google Drawings yet. I do hope that Google develops a similar like feature with visual templates that will allow you to use google. The biggest issue with a tool like Canva is that there are lots and lots of choices. One of the things that I like about Google Sites right now is that there aren’t many choices! It actually makes it much easier for me to decide on elements and layouts.

As a Google Trainer I would need to be familiar with all elements of the G Suite, by building and maintaining websites using Google Sites that I use for personal and school use, I am familiar enough with them so that I can use that knowledge to teach students and teachers how to use Sites. I have already taught one workshop on Google Sites at the European Summit by Apps Events in Munich, Germany in September. My familiarity with the product helped when I opened the session up to questions because I was confident with my skills with the product.

So please have a look and see what you think?

Cary’s “Get Me a Job Site”

And here is the first draft of my A5 card infographic idea

Yellow Photographer Creative Resume.jpg

One thought on “Course 3: Final Project

  1. Wow Cary, really impressed with your work. So inspiring!

    I liked how you discussed about using Google tools for the sake of having the GET. I’m with you, although I love Google, there are definitely other possibilities out there. We can use something that is better, even if it’s not a Google tool, especially because, as integrators, we can suggest better options for the teachers.

    The idea of having an infographic to introduce your self or to replace your standard resume is fantastic. Much more visual and interesting to look at. I just didn’t quiet understand how will you replace the regular printed resumes? You still have to print the infographic and give it to the interviewers, right?

    Anyway, good job!


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