Hong Kong Day 2 – Making

Day 2 was a day spent with the co author of Invent to Learn, Sylvia Martinez. The day was a combination of listening and doing. Many of the teachers in this workshop were in schools with or looking to make Makerspaces.

My takeaways were:

  1. Design for Agency

    1. This is a word that came onto my radar in Munich in 2015, but that I really like. The idea that you are going to teach kids to do something like they are are a scientist, doctor, engineer, physicist. I think this makes you think about planning differently as a teacher which is a challenge but good practice.
  2. Use tools with a “low floor”, meaning that they don’t require a lot of instruction. This allows the kids to get working faster.
  3. Constructivism and the idea of answering the student’s questions when they ask not before, but in the moment. I do this pretty regularly but I want to be more conscious of when I can do it more.
  4. That I need to shorten my explanations which will give more time for kids to work.
  5. Doing interesting things first. Then explain what they were doing, then let them ask questions.
    1. For example, don’t explain how circuits work or how to make one, ask them to make one. Then afterward explain what was happening and let them ask questions.
  6. That I want to start up my Geek Squad again, though I think I will change the name for this school setting.
  7. That design prompts should be brief, ambiguous, and immure to assessment.
    1. Brief allows for lots of ideas to be “correct”
    2. Ambiguous also allows for any idea and any solution
    3. Immune to assessment because the projects themselves are self-assessing.
      1. Did it work? No. Then you didn’t do it right, try again!
      2. You as a teacher don’t need to tell them this, the project will tell them.
  8. Don’t choose the groupings, let the students do that.

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