Back at it – Part 2

Well we survived week 1!

I am enjoying being back in the classroom. The kids and I are getting our routines and expectations sorted. Going paperless is proving easier than I though as long as I just make myself stop each time I want to print something and think about another option.

For example I have switched the homework to being completely paperless, which is awesome because I don’t have to wait until Friday to mark it. Most of the students turn it in before the due date so I have a look at it and make comments and return it before Friday even rolls around. Today I began getting next week’s ready and one of the students happened to be in the room, I let her choose the slide theme. Then she pointed out that the Reading homework was the same and said we should read something like a blog, and I went ding ding ding! I need to find an article that connects to our unit so within 5 minutes I had two articles pulled up which I will choose from tomorrow. Ran out of time today!

I also love the idea that I can see how they are thinking and processing by looking at what they type as they type it. We had an activity this week where they watched 3 videos with automation in them and they then tried to make connections to our key concepts of Function, Causation, and Connection. Some were finding it difficult and some were just being lazy and going for the quick answer. That was until they noticed that I was leaving them comments as they typed to ask them for more details. It was easy for me to see who might be struggling without me distracting them. Now you may say but you could do the same thing by walking around the room and reading over their shoulders, which would be correct, but this class gets distracted by that type of activity. So I am trying my technique to see if it both helps them stay on task and helps them give their best answer.

I am also using all of the resources I have available to me. Maureen, our Literacy Coordinator, is coming in and helping me teach poetry, which I am hopeless at, but getting better thanks to being taught how to write it with my kids. Check out some of our work here.

I have also enlisted Ryan, my co-integrationist, and Beth, our PYP coordinator’s help in teaching fractions, which I am not great at either! As with Poetry I am learning lots of new things about both how to teach math and how to do math!

I have gotten good feedback from the parents about our 4MS website which we basically update daily. I have also gotten good feedback from the parents about the homework so all is good at the moment, but Spring is in the air and hormones will kick in soon so I fully expect the honeymoon period to end soon!

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