Switzerland Summit

Off again to another summit! This time at a boarding school in Hasliberg, Switzerland. We already knew that this summit would be unique when we agreed to present, because it would include all of the students and teachers from the school. All of the events I have worked before have only had a handful of students who volunteered to help and occasionally sit in on the sessions So this would be an interesting experience.

Ecole d’Humanite begins at grade 6, but most of the students who came to my sessions were high school aged. The school runs parallel US and Swiss programs, so the summit had English and German sessions. The school has about 115 students who board with them in the mountains. The campus is made up of multiple buildings that have classrooms on the bottom floor and dorms on the top floors.

This is also the first summit where I have fully worked as part of the ‘core’ team. I did this a bit in Tashkent, but not to the same extent. Being part of the ‘core’ meant that I worked 9 out of 10 sessions over the two days. When I was first invited I wondered if I would have enough presentations ready. It turned out this wasn’t an issue because the school wanted sessions repeated so that everyone could attend as many different sessions as possible. Also because my sessions revolved around the basics. I ended up just doing 4 sessions on repeat. Google Keep, Google Sites, Google Sheets and Google Drive!

It was interesting having the students in the class, but they were for the most part, just like teaching adults. Once we got over a few hiccups about the way their Chromebooks were set up, the sessions flew by. At the beginning the students seemed a bit unsure about interacting with us during the sessions, but they quickly loosened up and asked questions and stopped us for clarifications.

Each day we were invited to eat lunch with the students, which allowed us time to talk to them about their lives at school. Their normal school day as them in the core content classes in the mornings and elective classes or activities in the afternoon. For example they may go skiing or snowboarding in the afternoons, or take care of their school goats, or take blacksmithing classes.

The school is a very small close knit community that seemed like a positive place to be. The summit experience of teacher teachers beside students I think worked well. I would love to get in touch with the school in a few months to find out what the impact of the summit has been. I think that training everyone together has helped them have a clearer understanding, as a whole school, of the possibilities available to them within G Suite.

I mean just look at these classroom views!

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